Awesome Features

We offer an upgraded version of the traditional way you used to make your reservations at nightclubs.

Exclusive deals

Gain access to offers that are only availble through the app

Coupon code

Receive occasional coupon code from us to get discount on specific occasions

Reserve anytime and anywhere

We offer the ability to make reservations at the finest nightclubs in less than 1'

Transparency of price

We provide access to list of bottles and all related information regarding pricing of tables.

Upcoming Events (Blog)

We provide information on all upcoming events, hottest parties and shows to keep you updated for your spontaneous nightouts.


For a touch of personalization or custom tables, our line are always open or message us for tailoring your perfect night.

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Extra Features

  • Reliable and Secure Platform for your reservations
  • Everything is perfectly organized
  • Enjoy the new innovative way

How Does It Work ?

Simple to use and user friendly.


1. How can I download ?

To download the app, just proceed to either the App Store or Google Play depending on your device and enter "eclubs" in the search area.

2. How long does it take for my table to be ready ?

It takes only 1' for your reservation to be made and received by the nightclub.

3. Will I have a table on my name if I arrive at the nightclub ?

The app disrupt the way you used to make a reservation by either calling the nightclub or contacting a PR. Thus, it is normal to be dubious but we can guarantee that each reservation made via our app are secure and guarantee a good experience.

4. Why should I book with your app and not call a PR or the nightclub ?

The main differentiation factor compared to a normal PR apart from booking online is the fact that we provide a loyalty program. It consist of collecting points after each reservation in order to receive gifts, free bottles and much more.

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The only app in Greece that allows you to make reservations at the finest nightclubs.